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I’m a UX designer passionate in creating comprehensive designs for clients across pursuit. Creativity was one such thing that had fortunately embraced me in every walk of my life.

Currently, working as a Senior UX/UI designer in one of the reputed Tech. companies, started my career as a graphic designer. Thereby, updated my skill to become a professional UI/UX designer and user interface developer (HTML/CSS).

As an experienced designer my focus is lead on creating designs competent with industry guidelines, principles and trends.

Versatility is the tag I carry, Specialized in brand development on both print and visual media right from designing for Websites, Application (IOS/Android), Logos, Illustrations to video presentations.

Along with my daily job, I love to dedicate time for learning to keep update my skills, Timeless design is what your brand deserves.

Happy to get connected at anytime.

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Harish V

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